MAA501 News Journal Entry #15: Future trends in sport_Jenkins

  1. Title

Division III– Fall Coaches Update (2015)

  1. Article Source

NCAA Resources. [NCAA Resources]. (2015, August 20). Division III- Fall Coaches Update (2015). Retrieved from

  1. Article Topic

Future trends in sport

  1. Summary

The content of the YouTube video consists of information gathered to update fall coaches on new rules and regulations in the NCAA. The video mostly explains compliance issues surrounding recruiting. Such as, can a recruit be interviewed during a broadcast of a school athletic event? It also involves social media use, such as detailing the three phases of time in the recruiting process and how that affects certain actions like following, friending, tagging or retweeting the social media accounts of prospective athletes. In addition, the video talks about the rules regarding athlete commitments and the signing of the celebratory form and where this can take place, as well as situations involving non-athletics staff and the ability to reply or retweet prospective student athlete tweets. Lastly, the video discusses the potential for social media regulations to be up for a vote in the near future that may change the current landscape in its entirety.

  1. Reaction

This video was something sent to all Endicott Athletics staff members by our compliance officer, (women’s volleyball coach) Tim Byram and I feel that it relates to our course because of the deeper look we took at social media and its relevance in today’s society in regards to athletes and the way in which we communicate. This event affects me because I currently work in a sports information office in a college athletics department and I deal with social media on a daily basis as part of my job description. It is important for me to know the current rules for I would hate to breach conduct and have to report an NCAA violation as we are in the swing of recruiting season.

  1. World Impact (if applicable)

Social media impacts the world because information now has the ability to go viral in the blink of an eye. As coaches, administrators and athletics staff members, we need to be aware of the current standards to which we are to abide by in relation to communication with prospective student athletes. In this video, I learned more about when it is appropriate to respond and when it isn’t allowed. For the safety and privacy of athletes everywhere, this video is an important tool in learning how to effectively take advantage of social media, but to also respect the current boundaries, though change may be on the horizon to eliminate restrictions all together.


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