MAA501 News Journal Entry #8: Sports and the media_Jenkins

  1. Title

Seton Hall players ban social media for 2015-16 season

  1. Article Source

Seton Hall players ban social media for 2015-16 season. (2015, October 14). Retrieved October 14, 2015, from

  1. Article Topic

Sports and the media

  1. Summary

The Seton Hall men’s basketball team has unanimously decided to forego using social media for the duration of basketball season in an attempt to limit the distractions social media may cause. This “ban” was decided upon by the team and will take place at the end of October 2015 through the season.

  1. Reaction

This idea to renew a team focus on just playing basketball is something that I think other institutions may want to consider. As we all know, there are many benefits to using social media in relation to sports and media presence; however, I am interested to see if any success can be attributed to this Seton Hall team for the decision to not use social media during the season. This event does not directly affect me, but it will be amusing to follow to see how the team does, though it may be hard to measure in comparison to teams who Tweet and teams who don’t. My takeaway: Good for them. Working in an athletic department, we have to lecture our athletes every year on maintaining an appropriate social media presence that reflects positively on the college as a whole. One less hassle for the Seton Hall athletic department. Just play basketball!

  1. World Impact (if applicable)

As we have studied the interconnectivity that social media outlets can provide, it will be interesting to see how the fan base feels towards this decision for the team to not engage in social media use during the season. If successful, who knows if other institutions will follow suit in the future?


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