MAA501 News Journal Entry #7: Sport economics_Jenkins

  1. Title

In College Sports it’s either about Education or Free Market Economics– Not Both

  1. Article Source

Ridpath, B. (2015, September 25). In College Sports it’s either about Education or Free Market Economics-Not Both. Retrieved October 15, 2015, from

  1. Article Topic

Sport economics

  1. Summary

In this Forbes article about the crossroads of college athletics pertaining to the economic impact and the education piece of an institution, it sparks thoughtful debate concerning the future of college sports as an enterprise. This article discusses how the current educationally-based sport development model is broken and how there is no use fixing it, but to rather start and over find “better ways to govern college sports in America.”

  1. Reaction

This is a very complex article with a thought of food-for-thought points, and the one that generated the greatest response for me was point:

-“Creating more effective academic measurements, graduation rates, and realistic initial and continuing eligibility requirements. This includes a one year residency requirement for freshman and transfer athletes who do not fit the profile of the institution within one standard deviation. This will give the institution the opportunity to provide remedial education to bring the athlete up to the standard of the institution. It is criminal to bring in an athlete and not give them the tools to succeed academically while exploiting them athletically.”

I whole-heartedly agree that some college athletes are taken advantage of and don’t really have the opportunity to further their education, but rather must perform on the field without going through the process of trying to earn a degree. Because most of us will be going pro in something other than sports, we need to ensure that college athletes have the resources and support to rightfully earn an education if so desired.

  1. World Impact (if applicable)

The world impact here is that the scope of college athletics could be facing some pretty hefty alterations sooner rather than later. This article really makes you see how economics leaves college athletics no choice but to make a change for better or worse. (Let’s just hope they put the STUDENT-athletes first. Because remember, they are students first.)


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