MAA501 News Journal Entry #6: Women in sport_Jenkins

  1. Title

NFL’s first female referee makes correct last-play call on Monday Night Football

  1. Article Source

Buzinski, J. (2015, October 12). NFL’s first female referee makes correct last-play call on Monday Night Football. Retrieved October 14, 2015, from

  1. Article Topic

Women in sport

4. Summary

This article is about the first female referee in the National Football League, Sarah Thomas. As the article begins, “For the second week in a row, Monday Night Football came down to a dramatic ending with an official’s call determining the outcome. This time, unlike last week, the call was made properly and it’s worth noting that it was made by Sarah Thomas, the NFL’s first female official.” The author notes that he notes Thomas’ gender for one reason — had she missed the call, she would have been attacked on social media in a very sexist manner, quibbling that women shouldn’t be referees, blah, blah, blah. So it’s important to note that in her highest-profile assignment to date, with millions watching, Thomas got it right as the Steelers beat the Charhers. The same can’t be said for the male referee in last week’s Seahawks-Lions game, yet no one pointed out his gender when being critical.

  1. Reaction

People need to take a step back and remember that referees are human, and sometimes humans make mistakes. We still live in a world where gender is made an issue and unfortunately live under the assumption that because a woman is a woman, she obviously must know less about how to interpret a professional sports rule book than a man, right? Good grief. As a football fan and fellow female, it is encouraging to see a woman break through the boys’ club barrier and join the ranks of an NFL officiating crew, but I wish people could just leave her alone and not compare her every move to, “Wow! She got it right!” (Well duh, they wouldn’t have hired her if she wasn’t capable of properly carrying out her game assignment and duties to the best of her ability!)

  1. World Impact (if applicable)

On the world impact front, Sarah Thomas may just pave the wave for more women to be accepted into the athletic community as officials and referees on a professional level. Let’s hope! It’s time for some equality.


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