MAA501 News Journal Entry #5: Race, ethnicity and sport_Jenkins

  1. Title

Minority XC athletes in high demand

  1. Article Source

Minority XC athletes in high demand. (2015, October 14). Retrieved October 15, 2015, from

  1. Article Topic

Race, ethnicity and sport

  1. Summary

In a feature story highlighting the challenge Woodlawn High School (Shreveport, LA) cross country coach Leon Moore has when it comes to getting athletes to come out to run cross country. As mentioned in the article, local high schools, most of which have a racial makeup that is more than 50 percent black, have a hard time finding coaches that are willing to coach for a $500 stipend. The schools that are lucky enough to have these individuals, have an even tougher time encouraging black athletes to come out and stay out. This article also points out the struggle the sport of cross country has nationwide in competition with top-tier football and basketball programs. One reason the article provides for the challenge in getting minority runners is, “Part of the reason is that it is not perceived or looked at in a positive light by their peers,” Moore said. “They hear the negative comments from their friends.”

  1. Reaction

This article speaks to race, ethnicity and sport because not only are minority athletes difficult to keep on the team for a variety of reasons, but high school peers can be so cruel and discouraging. To read the line in the piece about potential runners not wanting to run because of the perception from peers, is disheartening. It is of my belief that no one should eve feel shamed or embarrassed for doing something that they love, whether that means playing a sport or taking part in an unusual hobby. From personal experience, my high school cross country team and the cross country team at college, had a tough time recruiting runners or all kinds because they were leery of the necessary work needed to put in to be successful and just the overall judgement of the sport.

  1. World Impact (if applicable)

As a society, I think we need to find a way to make cross country a more attractive sport to encourage more student-athletes to run, for distance running can have a lot of benefits, much like playing any other sport.


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