MAA501 News Journal Entry #:1: Fan Identification_Jenkins

  1. Title

Seattle Seahawks are officially dropping ’12th Man’ nickname

  1. Article Source

Hill, J. (2015). Seattle Seahawks are officially dropping ’12th Man’ nickname. Retrieved October 5, 2015, from

  1. Article Topic

Fan Identification

  1. Summary

In summary, this article tells of how the NFL franchise Seattle Seahawks are going to officially stop referring to their home stadium fans as the “12th man”. This phrase became popular as CenturyLink Field is known as one of the loudest stadiums to play in and just like there is a “6th man” in basketball, as a symbol of fan support, the Seahawks had adopted the 12th man (11 players on the field at a time in the NFL) as their mantra. Well, apparently not anymore because of some controversy with Texas A&M claiming they having been using the nickname since the 1990s and the Seahawks were stealing their thunder. Moral of the story, the Seahawks will be changing their nickname to “Home of the 12s” instead.

  1. Reaction

My first thought when reading this article was, “Oh, how silly!”, but then it made me think about the discussions we have had in this course surrounding fan identification and the desire to feel connected to a team and cheer for the hometown team. Teams create signature sayings and fans latch on to this as a way to show pride and either jump on the bandwagon or  ride through the storm with “their team” because when “WE win” or “WE lost”, it’s a big deal. The creation of a unique fan base is important to a team’s success because a franchise depends on its fans for revenue and support throughout the duration of a season. This whole “we play for the fans” is a sentiment we often hear because football is entertaining and the audience is the avid fan.

  1. World Impact (if applicable)

The world impact lesson learned here is that a team bette be darn sure their cutesy nicknames are original, or else it’s going to make another institution pretty anger and then they’ll have to come up with something us! It seems petty, but sports are taken very seriously by die-hard fans dying to be part of “their” team and help in any way that they can.


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