JR 240 Final Project memo

For my Sports Reporting final project, I wish to create a team media guide for the Emerson College Softball team. In this media guide, it will include:

  • a carefully designed cover page
  • table of contents
  • profiles of coaches
  • Coach’s Welcome
  • player profiles and bios (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, senior)
  • a breakdown of the roster
  • History & Review section
  • Quick Facts (about Emerson College and the Athletics program)
  • Team information
  • Season preview
  • Season schedule
  • Game recaps, statistics and results
  • Fan Zone (with list of donations and sponsors)
  • Misc. (more information as I work to create a masterpiece!)

What will be special about this media guide, is I hope to include a lot of pictures, sound, and video to make it more of a multimedia media guide to be found on the web. I will create it using Adobe InDesign, a program that is often used to create media guides.

My hope is that this project will turn out to be something I am very proud of, and be a sample of work that I can use to show a future employer. I have been applying for sports information/media relations assisant positions in a college athletic department or athletic conference setting, so I know this sample of work will be a valuable piece to have in my portfolio, as I will probably create many media guides in my career should I end up in the occupation.


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